Chicago Organized Home is dedicated to providing home organizing services and assistant services for your happy home! Our clients inspire us and we tailor our services to meet each client’s unique needs. Organizing is not only a passion, but a craft with continuous learning and new ways to solve each challenge. Our goal is to restore balance, order and happiness back into your home.

We hope you will see that we are unique and unlike any other service you may find. Here’s what we offer that the others don’t!


Experience and Knowledge

We’ve been in business since 2008, long before the “me too” competition chimed in. We have a dedicated management team with corporate backgrounds and client service experience, and who have a history of successfully managing teams. We can make experienced recommendations about how to best handle your project needs.

Being a Professional Organizer requires a particular skill set and training. We receive ongoing training through NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, as well as The Container Store, from our unique relationship as an Independent Representative and through their in-store classes.


Team Approach

We are not a one-woman show. We are a team. We’ve grown from stellar referrals and word of mouth—not from paid advertising. We do most of our work in small teams, as projects go much faster and give you quicker results. Do you really want one person sitting in your house for days on end? Probably not. Working as a team is more efficient and usually takes less billable hours in total than having one person chip away at your project over a long stretch of time.


Project Management

Simply put, we can do the whole project. You’ll never hear us say, “That’s not our job,” or “We don’t do that.” We think through the entire project end-to-end and offer you as much assistance as you need.

For example, if we are purging items together, we don’t leave you with a pile of garbage bags that you have to find the time to lug over and donate. We can take them at the end of our session, donate them and get you a receipt. It might sound simple, but most services will not do this for you.

The goal is for you to explain what you need and then for us to take it from there. We handle all the details of your moving and relocation, organizing, and other assistant services. We handle the things that might not go as planned. You should not expect to receive a dozen calls and emails from us nagging you throughout your workday. We can problem-solve.