3There are times when running your household can feel like a full-time job in itself! Are you going through a remodeling project? Do you need to be home for an appointment with the cable guy, plumber or handyman? Do you have a huge household project that has been weighing on you for months? Commitments such as these that typically happen during the workday can be stressful and wreak havoc on your schedule.

Let us take care of it! We offer a variety of “waiting services” and can offer recommendations for service providers, schedule the appointment and be present at the time of service to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Sample household management tasks and projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Your “weekly to do” list of regular tasks such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning, mail check etc
  • “Wait services” at your home (deliveries, appointments, etc)
  • Oversee household repairs or service appointments (handyman, cable guy, repairmen, etc.)
  • Let cleaning service in/out
  • Photo maintenance/scrapbooking and/or digitizing photos/DVD’s/tapes
  • Inventory & drop off items for charity