Our team has worked extensively with projects in every room of the house! No project or space is too big or too small. Here are the most requested areas that we organize:

  • Kitchen pantry and spice cabinet organization
  • Home office mail and filing systems
  • Bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet storage
  • Master bedroom closets
  • Hallway, coat, and linen closets
  • Kids’ playrooms
  • Garages

Below are our top organizing tips to de-clutter your space:

  • Place “like” with “like”– Grouping common household items together will help prevent you from purchasing multiples!
  • Live seasonally– Keep current seasonal items accessible and toward the front of shelves
  • Use clear bins– Being able to see what is inside of your storage containers is key to staying organized!
  • Color coordinate– Keeping clothes, towels, and sheets organized this way will help you know what you have and what you need

For more tips and tricks, watch the videos below where our CAA team transformed a cluttered home to an organized home with our own life hacks!